The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The EP Version, is a free download exclusive only at! This represents 7 songs of death, misery, the advent of change in the world, and mental and physical slavery with horror! Technology and the destruction of the human life at hand, The J.Hexx Project whimsically mixes hip hop, horror film visuals with taboo violent stories of death and the new world order! This is a free EP version of the full length album, The Seven Doorz To Death part 2: The Director's Cut…

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Here is the text of the awesome review of The Devilman LP as written by Chad Carsten himself! Thanks to Faygoluvers Heaven and Scottie D for the mention of the album! Four out of five star review!


The. J Hexx Project has been doing nothing but releasing solid albums since 2008’s The Seven Doorz To Death/ Twitch of the Deadz Nervez LP . Fans of the Horrocore Hip-Hop genre caught on to J. Hexx’s own style of Giallo Hip-Hop with the Underground 2010 hit “Mountain Of The Cannibal God”. Ever since the…

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Pictures from The Half Glass Empty Tour! 

Here are some pictures from the Half Glass Empty tour I participated in!

We are in TAMPA!!!

Jimmy Knox of Scumbag Worldwide posing for the camera!

The J.Hexx Project and Jimmy Knox of Scumbag Worldwide posing for the camera!


The J.Hexx Project and No Emotion Goldmask doing a picture for the camera!

Freek Misfit doing his show set!

The J.Hexx Project looking nice for a selfie!

Yet another The J.Hexx Project selfie!

The Preorders for The Possession of Annabelle Lee is now available! 

March 27 2015

It is official! The album launches this day and pretty soon I will have a preorder package information here! There is a few cool things:

The cd art itself will be one of two random "mock" vinyl prints, and it will be shipped at random so whichever one you get, awesome! Second there will be posters, we are trying to figure out if we do one type of poster (USA Version with alt title "The Dominion") and if we should include choices of Italian and even Japanese ...styled posters. Same art just…

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Get your free copy!!! 

Wassup horror fans and horror gals! This is your favorite schizo with some news. The new album is done! It is almost set to arrive soon with a release date, so please stay tuned so that you can find out when this ground breaking new album will come out! Without further ado, let us get the free version out to you, so that you can get an idea of what to expect in the new album from The J.Hexx Project!

New album release from HEAVEN called Devil'z Love- Coming out on April 11th 2014! 


Heaven's debut album, "Devil's Love", will be available for the first time uncut in CD format! This album will also be available in digital format as well in your favorite stores such as ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and more!

Featuring artists such as Intrinzik, Insane Poetry, Scum, McNastee, Draztik, Jason Porter, Mc Val, Basick, Komatose, Playboy The Beast, and Sodoma Gomora, this album has a little bit of everything for any taste of musical hip hop ear you have! Russian artist Heaven's debut is nothing…

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