Sev'rd Nervez Music is a small independent music label that specializes in horror based Hip Hop music and dark themes. It was created in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was started by The J.Hexx Project when he self released his debut album, The Seven Doorz to Death/ Twitch of the Deadz Nervez Lp back in April 24th, 2008. J.Hexx felt compelled to put out his own work, because he felt no one would do it the way he wanted to see it completed, so he went and spent his own money and time, to ensure that album was released with the love of not only a music fan, but also a horror fanatic.

The Seven Doorz to Death/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez Lp went on to sell over 1,000 units, creating quite a buzz in The Wicked Underground community, who couldn't get enough of the schizo. To follow up this album, Sev'rd Nervez Music combined with Lacore Music to release what is known to be a future classic Horrorcore album, Mountain of the Cannibal God, which was released on December 1st, 2010 to great critical success.

On July 26th, 2011- Music to Die For was released digitally, and was the first J.Hexx fully produced, mixed and mastered album ever released. It showcases the exact style of music of Hip Hop J.Hexx grew up on and loves, and is a great example of how adaptable of a artist J.Hexx can be. Shortly after this his next album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds was released on April 24th 2013, on Sev'rd Nervez Music's 5th Anniversary to rave reviews, and the album was a love letter to the Golden Era of Hip Hop, and was completely produced and mixed by The J.Hexx Project.

Eventually as time went on, J.Hexx added artists to the label which reflected his philosophy in making music, be innovative, creative, and love what you create. Sev'rd Nervez Music only wants to put out very unique and thought provoking material that is art in itself, from the music to the artwork. A budget can only do so much but sometimes the love you place into a album can make up for budget constraints. That is what we are about!

At Sev'rd Nervez Music, we create music, that is easily described as follows: We create music for Dark Minds That Think Alike!

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