The Seven Doorz To Death part 2 represents 12 songs of death, misery, the advent of change in the world, and mental and physical slavery with horror! Technology and the destruction of the human life at hand, The J.Hexx Project whimsically mixes hip hop, horror film visuals with taboo violent stories of death and the new world order! Enjoy horror hounds and gals! Get your copy today! Available on CD, Vinyl and Digital.

The Seven Doorz To Death Part 2-CD

The J.Hexx Project- The Sadist

The new album from The J.Hexx Project! Crafted with horror based inspired east coast styled hip hop beats, The Sadist is pure horrorcore at it's bloody best. Featuring hard east coast styled hip hop tracks, laced with murderous rhymes and dark themes right out of a old slasher film! Produced by The J.Hexx Project and mastered at Sage Audio by Steve Corrao.

  1. You Cannot Hide (Instrumental Intro)
  2. Shock Trophies
  3. Death
  4. Spit On Your Grave
  5. Human Confetti
  6. No Make Up- feat. Big Rela
  7. Bust In Your Door
  8. You're Already Dead- feat. Majin and Grimm Gutter
  9. Mutilator
  10. Fear
  11. Hood Rats- feat. Grewsum and Gloom Rap
  12. The Sadist
  13. Burial Ground

The J.Hexx Project- The Sadist CD

The J.Hexx Project- The Devilman LP

The Devilman LP from The J.Hexx Project mixes hardcore rhymes, and east coast styled beats, making this one of the best albums ever from the schizo! Features Big Rela, Jimmy Knox, Truant, Majin and Tha Morbid One. Comes out on August 14th 2015

  1. Rage
  2. Death Is Art
  3. Demon Wind- feat. Big Rela and Jimmy Knox
  4. Your Last Day (To Live)
  5. Burn Your Soul Up
  6. Thoughts Of A Empty Heart- feat. Truant
  7. We Live (By The Gun)
  8. As You Stare Death In The Face- feat. Majin and Tha Morbid One
  9. Eradicate Your Flesh
  10. Pestilence- Produced by Realizm (Bonus Track)


The J.Hexx Project- The Devilman LP- CD

Lord Berg Katze- MY YOUTH IN ARCADIA: The EP

The debut EP from Lord Berg Katze, is a testament to the will of GALACTOR as it tries to seize the Earth with it's catchy beats and rhymes! Produced, mixed and mastered by Lord Berg Katze, give this a try, you might end up surprised!

  1. Intro To Galactor
  2. Wave Motion Gun
  3. Destitute Planet-feat. The Hentai Bros.
  4. Andromeda Love
  5. Galactic Rappin'-feat. Braiking Boss
  6. Galactor's Witch Racer
  7. Universe-ILL

Lord Berg Katze- My Youth In Arcadia- CD Hardcopy

The J.Hexx Project- The Possession of Annabelle Lee

The second Giallocore album in existence after Mountain of the Cannibal God! Annabelle is possessed by an ancient demon and a priest, Father Thomas is dispatched to save her soul. Will Father Thomas be able to save Annabelle's soul from the demon?

The Possession of Annabelle Lee is an original story built from the ground up, and is the second Giallocore album after Mountain of the Cannibal God. This album uses no samples, and uses live instrumentation, using the same instruments as the legendary Italian progressive rock band, Goblin. This was done to replicate a recording from the 1970's, which this album is an emulation of. It is an ode to the original Italian horror film soundtracks that were created by specifically Goblin, and Libra. Goblin scored many films such as Dario Argento's own Deep Red, Suspiria, Tenebrae, George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead (1979) and many other films. Libra, which consisted of ex Goblin members, made one soundtrack for Mario Bava's last film, Shock, which was the soundtrack in which the inspiration for this album came from, as well as the artist's fondness for the group Goblin, from watching his favorite violent Italian horror and exploitation shock films.

  1. Pray
  2. Euro Trash
  3. Curiosity Can Kill You
  4. Burn In Hell
  5. Her Last Breath
  6. Lullaby
  7. Eyes of Death
  8. Demon
  9. Faith
  10. The End (Outro)

The J.Hexx Project- The Possession of Annabelle Lee- CD


The new EP from Heaven is finally here! Six new songs with production by JNyce of Psych Ward, mixed by Nafantemar and The J.Hexx Project, with many guest features that is sure to send a chill up your spine! A must have soon to be collector's classic, get your copy today and support Russian Horrorcore!

  • 01. Fear To Be Alone
  • 02. Nobody- feat. Shallow Pockets
  • 03. Under The Moon- feat. ZLynn and Dirty Dickens
  • 04. Monster- feat. JNyce
  • 05. Last Step
  • 06. Under The Moon Pt. II- feat. Nafantemar, The J Hexx Project and Dirty Dickens (Bonus Track)



For the first time ever, is the CD hardcopy version of Sev'rd Cuts Complete in a special 2 disc set! This includes 36 songs, and over 2 hours of musical content! This CD has early demos, unfinished material and unreleased as of now songs, all on this 2 disc set! Get yours today!


  1. Christmas Day
  2. Coffin of Blood
  3. Join Us (The Cult)
  4. Life Ain't Fair
  5. Window Of Pain
  6. Beyond Darkness (Death of Joe Blakk Version)
  7. Blood Stained Oceans
  8. That's Life
  9. Beyond Darkness (UGH 8 Version)
  10. Attack of the Turtle King- feat. Lord Berg Katze
  11. Children of the Night
  12. Why is Life Unfair?
  13. Creep- Chopp Devize feat. The J.Hexx Project
  14. Fuck Your Life- Pilot Rai feat. The J.Hexx Project
  15. Lizards In Human Skin-feat. The J.Hexx Project, Trips and Kiltcha
  16. Tsunami- feat. The J.Hexx Project, Grayson, Chapter and M3
  17. Saddle Up- Mindspray feat. The J.Hexx Project
  18. 18. The Scariest Movie Ever Made- feat. The J.Hexx Project and Crazy E of Mindspray


  1. Italian Movies (Skit)
  2. Italian Cinema- Monsta Squad feat. The J.Hexx Project
  3. We Dare You- Bob E Nite feat. The J.Hexx Project
  4. Horror (Josh Grooves Remix)
  5. Fuck Your Name
  6. Pick Your Poison
  7. Play That Shit- Crossworm feat. The J.Hexx Project
  8. Schizophrenic Rage (Desecrated Remix)
  9. You're Expired (Shadow of Death)
  10. Champagne
  11. Dangerous Minds- Trips feat. The J.Hexx Project
  12. Love and Horror
  13. Make It Rain Brains- Komatose feat. Rukus and The J.Hexx Project
  14. A Mother's Love (Desecrated Remix)
  15. Wave Motion Gun- feat. Lord Berg Katze
  16. The Devil's Pain
  17. The Venom Addiction (Desecrated Remix)
  18. Galactic Rappin'- feat. Lord Berg Katze and Braiking Boss
The J.Hexx Project- Sev'rd Cuts Complete- 2 CD Set


Music To Die For: Vol 2 is the second instrumental album from The J.Hexx Project, which takes you through the mind of a hip hop maniac! From urban beats to horror styled tracks, Music To Die For: Vol 2 has got tracks like how J.Hexx loves his gore, by the buckets!

  1. Smash Em'
  2. New Shit
  3. Tomie's Hell
  4. Scorned Love
  5. Forgive My Sins
  6. The Last Rite
  7. Light Of Magatama
  8. Violent Jack
  9. Spasmo Beat
  10. Tara's Sonata
  11. Chill In The Wind
  12. Emotional Heartstrings
  13. Black Flame pt.2
  14. Hip Hop Hexx'd
  15. Bangaio Banger
  16. The Devil Times Three
  17. Sadness
  18. Voices Of Sorrow

Music To Die For:Vol 2- CD Harcopy


The album Devilz Love from Russian Horrorcore artist Heaven takes the story based approach, and delivers an aural and imaginative album full of horror, intrigue, with beautiful music scored and produced by Desecrated of Desecrated Productions, and stands to be one of the latest albums that continues the Sev'rd Nervez Music tradition of pushing the boundaries of what true horrorcore music should be!

  1. The Beginning
  2. My Story
  3. Devilz Love (Featuring Intrinzik, Insane Poetry and Scum)
  4. Another Life (Featuring McNastee aka Gabriele Darque and Drastik)
  5. Another Life pt 2 (Featuring Jason Porter)
  6. Lilith (Featuring MC Val)
  7. Prose (Interlude)
  8. All I'll Ever Be (Featuring Basick)
  9.  Lie To Me (Feat Komatose, Playboy The Beast)
  10. Eat My Heart
  11. Breath Of Evil (Featuring Sodoma Gomora)
  12. Touch Of Death
  13. Final (Outro)



Mountain of the Cannibal God is the tale of Jake Alvarado- a man with a broken past, who is confronted by cannibals led by a skull mask wearing preist, chase Jake from out of his dreams into his real life! When they abuduct his lover Linda, Jake decides to save Linda from the cannibals, knowing he may suffer a fate that is worse than death itself. A Original horror story concept album, styled much like a Italian Giallo film in audio form! Mountain of the Cannibal God will satisfy horror film lovers and hip hop horror concept album lovers alike! Features the beautiful artwork of Pez of Cicada!

The Venom Addiction
A Mother’s Love
Memories of an Undying Love
Karma is a Devil
Mountain of the Cannibal God
What Happened to Linda?
Deep in the Woods
Lock the Door
Savage Dreams
Schizophrenic Rage
Lover in the Wall
Why Did I Kill?
The Venom Addiction (Desecrated Remix)
A Mother’s Love (Desecrated Remix)
Schizophrenic Rage (Probangers Remix)


Mountain of the Cannibal God-2nd Edition CD


The schizo is back for his third album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! All the tracks are produced and mixed by J.Hexx himself, this new album goes back to the style of music first heard on the original The Seven Doorz to Death , this new album delves deeper into dark forms of Hip Hop and Horror combined into one murderous sounding masterpiece of death and gore!

Pathogen-featuring Big Rela and Squire Zama
25 To Life
Opera of Fear
Viking Funeral
Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds
Death Trance
Human Jigsaw Puzzle
Crazed Maniacs-featuring Kannibalistik and Crossworm
Nightmares-featuring Razakel and Sicktanick
Better Days 

Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds-CD

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