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The J.HEXX Project- The Mark: Winds Of Changes (Digital Maxi Single) - MP3 320 KBS

This is a new track from The J.Hexx Project! It details the plans of a world gone mad! Violent, savage and mostly steeped into the horrors of reality, come join us on a journey through the cold steel of death, as it snatches your breath away! Written, mixed and produced by The J.Hexx Project and.the main single The Mark: Winds of Changes is mastered by Crossworm. All other songs mastered by Steve Corrao of Sage Audio.


The J.Hexx Project-The Sadist: The EP Version - MP3 320 KBS AUDIO

 This is a free download of The Sadist: The EP Version, now available for download! This includes songs from the upcoming The Sadist full length album, written, performed, produced and mixed by The J.Hexx Project, this is a very visceral and violent collection of songs, that paints a morbid picture of sadism at it's most vivid and gory moments! Mastered by Steve Corrao of Sage Audio, we hope you enjoy the next saga in the Sev'rd Nervez Music collection! Get it now!

  1. Death
  2. No Make Up- featuring Big Rela
  3. Human Confetti
  4. Spit On Your Grave
  5. The Sadist

The J.Hexx Project- Rage (Skull Fucker) b/w Eradicate Your Flesh - 320 KBS MP3

New singles from the new Devilman Lp , courtesy of The J.Hexx Project! Inspired by the infamous underground hit cult horror film, Headless, starring Shane Beasley, Ellie Church, Kelsey Carlisle (Caligo), and Dave Parker (Kill That Bitch) available form Forbidden Films and Gentleman Monster Productions! Grab this free music to go with the film today!

Majin- Manga Music: The Ep - Mp3 320 KBS

Free download of the completely Produced, mixed and mastered album Lord Berg Katze, with Majin on the lyrics. This was almost never to be released, now for free download!