Mountain of the Cannibal God: Official Music Video/ Behind the Scenes Documentary - DVD

 Dvd contains the official version of the “Mountain of the Cannibal God” music video directed by Jonathan Vinazza of Underlabstudios.com, a original short 45 minute film, “Mountain of the Cannibal God:Behind the Scenes”, looking into the making of the music video and how the idea of the album came from, and the Mountain of the Cannibal God youtube album trailer. Total run time is approximately 54 Minutes.

Appearances in the short film, “Mountain of the Cannibal God: Behind the Scenes” include Brothers Grimm, Talley of TheFNSpot.com, Chad Carsten aka “Mr.Catastrophic”, Jonathan Vinazza of UnderlabStudios.com, and Instant Legend!

Mountain of the Cannibal God-Music DVD