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The Sadist - MP3 320 KBS

 The new album from The J.Hexx Project! Crafted with horror based inspired east coast styled hip hop beats, The Sadist is pure horrorcore at it's bloody best. Featuring hard east coast styled hip hop tracks, laced with murderous rhymes and dark themes right out of a old slasher film! Produced by The J.Hexx Project and mastered at Sage Audio by Steve Corrao.

  1. Shock Trophies
  2. Death
  3. Spit On Your Grave
  4. Human Confetti
  5. No Make Up- feat. Big Rela
  6. Bust In Your Door
  7. You're Already Dead- feat. Majin and Grimm Gutter
  8. Mutilator
  9. Fear (Cd Bonus Track)
  10. Hood Rats- feat. Grewsum and Gloom Rap
  11. The Sadist
  12. Burial Ground