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Music To Die For - MP3 320 KBS

Music To Die For is the first Instrumental Album from The J.Hexx Project!

Inspired by Hip Hop music and old school Grindhouse Cinema, specifically Horror Films, The J.Hexx Project's first instrumental album reflects these themes into a instrumental hip hop format, with dark undertones and a creepy audio visual presentation that will capture your attention from start to finish!

  1. Intro
  2. Guillotine of Death
  3. The Watchman of the Cemetary (skit)
  4. Chamber of Life
  5. Prayer For the Dying (skit)
  6. Kill Slut
  7. Nothing Can Seperate Us (skit)
  8. Lover's Promise
  9. Dying Living (skit)
  10. Demoni Master
  11. Death Skit
  12. Monster Inferno
  13. Death Whore (skit)
  14. Death Trance
  15. I'm The Mayor (skit)
  16. Nightmare City
  17. Death Skit part 2
  18. Down South Body
  19. The Boat Can Leave Now (skit)
  20. Tears of Blood
  21. The Dead Zone (Bonus Track)
  22. Goner (Bonus Track)
  23. Psychosis of a Sociopath (Bonus Track )