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Mountain of the Cannibal God - MP3 320 KBS

Mountain of the Cannibal God is the tale of Jake Alvarado- a man with a broken past, who is confronted by cannibals led by a skull mask wearing preist, chase Jake from out of his dreams into his real life! When they abuduct his lover Linda, Jake decides to save Linda from the cannibals, knowing he may suffer a fate that is worse than death itself. A Original horror story concept album, styled much like a italian giallo film in audio form! Mountain of the Cannibal God will satisy horror film lovers and hip hop horror concept album lovers alike! Features the beautiful artwork of Pez of Cicada!

The Venom Addiction
A Mother’s Love
Memories of an Undying Love
Karma is a Devil
Mountain of the Cannibal God
What Happened to Linda?
Deep in the Woods
Lock the Door
Savage Dreams
Schizophrenic Rage
Lover in the Wall
Why Did I Kill?
The Venom Addiction (Desecrated Remix)
A Mother’s Love (Desecrated Remix)
Schizophrenic Rage (Probangers Remix)