For the first time ever, is the CD hardcopy version of Sev'rd Cuts Complete in a special 2 disc set! This includes 36 songs, and over 2 hours of musical content! This CD has early demos, unfinished material and unreleased as of now songs, all on this 2 disc set! Get yours today!


  1. Christmas Day
  2. Coffin of Blood
  3. Join Us (The Cult)
  4. Life Ain't Fair
  5. Window Of Pain
  6. Beyond Darkness (Death of Joe Blakk Version)
  7. Blood Stained Oceans
  8. That's Life
  9. Beyond Darkness (UGH 8 Version)
  10. Attack of the Turtle King- feat. Lord Berg Katze
  11. Children of the Night
  12. Why is Life Unfair?
  13. Creep- Chopp Devize feat. The J.Hexx Project
  14. Fuck Your Life- Pilot Rai feat. The J.Hexx Project
  15. Lizards In Human Skin-feat. The J.Hexx Project, Trips and Kiltcha
  16. Tsunami- feat. The J.Hexx Project, Grayson, Chapter and M3
  17. Saddle Up- Mindspray feat. The J.Hexx Project
  18. 18. The Scariest Movie Ever Made- feat. The J.Hexx Project and Crazy E of Mindspray


  1. Italian Movies (Skit)
  2. Italian Cinema- Monsta Squad feat. The J.Hexx Project
  3. We Dare You- Bob E Nite feat. The J.Hexx Project
  4. Horror (Josh Grooves Remix)
  5. Fuck Your Name
  6. Pick Your Poison
  7. Play That Shit- Crossworm feat. The J.Hexx Project
  8. Schizophrenic Rage (Desecrated Remix)
  9. You're Expired (Shadow of Death)
  10. Champagne
  11. Dangerous Minds- Trips feat. The J.Hexx Project
  12. Love and Horror
  13. Make It Rain Brains- Komatose feat. Rukus and The J.Hexx Project
  14. A Mother's Love (Desecrated Remix)
  15. Wave Motion Gun- feat. Lord Berg Katze
  16. The Devil's Pain
  17. The Venom Addiction (Desecrated Remix)
  18. Galactic Rappin'- feat. Lord Berg Katze and Braiking Boss
The J.Hexx Project- Sev'rd Cuts Complete- 2 CD Set