The J.Hexx Project- The Devilman LP - CD

The Devilman LP from The J.Hexx Project mixes hardcore rhymes, and east coast styled beats, making this one of the best albums ever from the schizo! Features Big Rela, Jimmy Knox, Truant, Majin and Tha Morbid One. Comes out on August 14th 2015

  1. Rage
  2. Death Is Art
  3. Demon Wind- feat. Big Rela and Jimmy Knox
  4. Your Last Day (To Live)
  5. Burn Your Soul Up
  6. Thoughts Of A Empty Heart- feat. Truant
  7. We Live (By The Gun)
  8. As You Stare Death In The Face- feat. Majin and Tha Morbid One
  9. Eradicate Your Flesh
  10. Pestilence- Produced by Realizm (Bonus Track)


The J.Hexx Project- The Devilman LP- CD