The album Devilz Love from Russian Horrorcore artist Heaven takes the story based approach, and delivers an aural and imaginative album full of horror, intrigue, with beautiful music scored and produced by Desecrated of Desecrated Productions, and stands to be one of the latest albums that continues the Sev'rd Nervez Music tradition of pushing the boundaries of what true horrorcore music should be!

  1. The Beginning
  2. My Story
  3. Devilz Love (Featuring Intrinzik, Insane Poetry and Scum)
  4. Another Life (Featuring McNastee aka Gabriele Darque and Drastik)
  5. Another Life pt 2 (Featuring Jason Porter)
  6. Lilith (Featuring MC Val)
  7. Prose (Interlude)
  8. All I'll Ever Be (Featuring Basick)
  9.  Lie To Me (Feat Komatose, Playboy The Beast)
  10. Eat My Heart
  11. Breath Of Evil (Featuring Sodoma Gomora)
  12. Touch Of Death
  13. Final (Outro)

Heaven- Devilz Love- Hardcopy CD