The Definitive version of Mountain of the Cannibal God will be released..


What's up my crazy ass horror loving fans? I hope you all loved the album, Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds! I finally have important news to share with you all! As you may remember, Mountain of the Cannibal God was originally released December 1st 2010 to be that year's underground horrorcore album of the year, to much acclaim. The original release was flawed in some ways, and as such without getting into a long story, the original release had issues not anyone outside was aware of.

For example the original master of the album for the pressing of the 1st edition was compromised: when I say compromised, the original master I approved had no 2 second stop gaps between the songs, so that when you loaded your cd in, the album would play like a movie non stop until the end. When the master was sent digitally to the label to press, it was sent to the cd plant as a master with 2 second stop gaps added.

Because I felt that the original version was compromised, I was compelled to release the definitive version of the album, with no interuptions or stop gaps, as intended from the original master I originally sequenced together from the mastered sessions. Without further ado, here is the movie poster that will come with all pre orders of Mountain of the Cannibal God- 2nd edition print hardcopy CD's! I will only run 100 of these babies in a lovely 12" x 18" full color glossy format!

Eat your heart out as the art is done by the original artist who hand drawn and crafted the original album's art, Pez of Cicada. Completely redone by Graphic Designer Shayne Kraft at Shayne Kraft Graphics, will only be available to those who preorder the album! Also each album will contain a reverseable cover, a tradition I started with The Seven Doorz to Death/Twitch of the Deadz Nervez, including a new cover in the inside! The date for the preorder will start as of July 31st 2013, and will end on September 1st 2013. The release date will be on September 13th 2013, so if you never got a chance to own this album, or if you are a collector of rare underground horrorcore this is your chance to get the only Giallo story based horror hip hop album!

Until then folks, stay scared, stay dark, stay scary. Cause we are Dark Minds That Think Alike!

Yours Truly;

The J.Hexx Project


P.S. I forgot to mention, a new Mountain of the Cannibal God Limited Edition T shirt will be revealed soon, designed by Shayne Kraft! And anyone who owns the 1st edition print of MOTCG, it is now a collector's item as it is now OUT OF PRINT. Take care everyone!