New music coming very shortly and other things...

Wassup horror fans, this is J.Hexx giving you all a update. Very soon i will be unveiling the artwork and tracklisting for my latest album, Broken Mirrors, Shatterd Minds, which i have been working on for the past few months! I plan on getting it out this July 2012, just cross your fingers on this info! I am still working to ensure that i can also deliver Horror is Reality and The Possession of Annabelle Lee albums, as fast as possible as i can without sacrificing the quality on each album.

I strive to succeed in making the best music as possible, while still maintaining that "free and independent of the majors" sound of underground hip hop that i can make, using the tools i have at my disposal. And let us not forget, that "horror" feel that i incorporate in my music, as well as the dark and visual lyrics i create to them!

Thank you for your ongoing support and for all the visits i get to this site, and to those who buy my music and support my creations. Without you all who support me, it would be much harder waking up every day and be motivated and inspired to make more music. Thanks for stopping by and reading this, i appreciate you all, and til next time, may Dark Minds Think Alike!