Music To Die For-Hardcopy cd's will be availiable very soon!

Finally months after the original's Mp3 album release, this album is finally going to be released as a hardcopy Cd! The album art was done as of two days ago, and i can't wait until i get my hands on the batch that i should be recieving within the week. The artwork on this album is nothing short of phenominal, and has the quality that you expect from a Sev'rd Nervez Music release. The album, Music To Die For is the first ever produced album from The J.Hexx Project and has some of the most banging instrumentals you will bob your head to. From the head banger "Guillotine of Death", to the album's final beat "Tears of Blood", this cd will keep you wanting to spit freestyles or just enjoy the sounds of Music To Die For while playing it loud!

As a bonus for those who patiently waited, 3 new never released beats were added to the original 20 track album, now making it 23 full tracks with a full run time of approximately 64 minutes long of music! So consider this the ultimate edition of the album, which is not availiable in the digital release currently being sold, and the Cd will be limited to only 300 units! So once it is all sold, no more will be made!

Expect to see it in the CDBaby Store within the next 3 weeks at the low price of $10.99 per hardcopy CD unit!