Good News and Bad News....

Hey folks I have some good news and bad news. Let us start with the bad news first. I just got thru with dealing with the printers for the poster for the preorders of Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds. They just shipped it out today so I will not receive it until the day of the album's release on April 24th 2013. The posters look beautiful and I want to make sure that each order is not missing a thing, so it goes all in one shot to each customer. So I would like to apologize for the inconvenience, the orders will be shipping out minimally late for all domestic USA and International orders.

Now here is the good news! Only for those who preordered the album , I will on April 24th 2013 be sending each of you a special link to download the new album, as well as all your preorder digital stuff, while you all wait for the orders to arrive. So my condolences for the slight inconvenience, but we at Sev'rd Nervez Music want to ensure all our customers, that we will take care of this matter and make sure you still get to hear the album in full on the day of release! If anyone has any issues please feel free to contact me here in my message inbox, and I want to thank you all who supported the album preorders, The J.Hexx Project truly loves you all!

Yours Truly;
The J.Hexx Project and the psychos at Sev'rd Nervez Music-Where Dark Minds Think Alike!