Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds- Album Review by Chad Thomas Carsten of The FN' Spot!


The Giallo addict “The J. Hexx Project”is back! “Broken Mirrors Shattered Minds” will bring Hip-Hop fans back to the glory days of Non Phixion and Gravediggaz. Each beat was produced by J. Hexx himself. It’s more focused on bars/rugged raw wordplay like ”Seven Doors Of Death”, than the story telling of “Mountain Of The Cannibal God”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not destined to become a cult classic within the underground. You motherfuckers ain’t ready for this, for the lyrics of Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds, will swiftly pierce through your abdomen via one lunatic, one ice pic.

The flow of “Opera Of Fear” will reanimate a corpse to get up and walk, while the beat to the title track “Broken Mirrors Shattered Mind”, is soothing yet disturbing in a good way.

“Welcome to my horror show, where cadavers get hung up like scarecrows”, croaks J. Hexx on “25 To Life”. A gore soaked track that will leave Horror heads/Hip-Hop fans gasping for more. The beat is where it’s at! I can guarantee hours after the track is finished, listeners will still be bobbing their heads.

Crazed Maniacs (Featuring Crossworm and Kanniblistik) is what horrorcore should be, down right spine-chilling, yet genius. Each artist massacres the beat. if only J. Hexx, Crossworm and Kannibilistik could make a full length LP together, or at least an limited edition five track EP.

The albums ends on a perfect note with “Better Days” it’s laced with a past interview of The J. Hexx Project via Horror Music Radio. It shows his true self and proves yet again J. Hexx has become a master of production.

Other Highlights include “Viking Funeral” “Human Jigsaw Puzzle”, & “Pathogen” (Featuring Big Rela and Squire Zama).
Overall I feel this to be a pretty solid release. If Chucky himself was a fan of Hip-Hop, “Broken Mirrors, Shattered Minds” would be his first pick.